The Company

MTH was founded in July 2014. MTH is a team of highly skilled project managers, service technicians and design engineers, all of whom have been working in the shipbuilding industry for many years. Based on its team’s expertise and experience MTH’s intention is to be a reliable partner for turnkey services in the fields of HVAC, refrigeration and automation. The design and system integration work makes MTH a full turnkey contractor with very competent and responsible personnel. The present MTH personnel has been involved as the core team in a number of large scale modernisation projects for whole-ship HVAC contracts in the cruise ship as well as the yachting industry.

MTH is part of GTH (Gebaeude Technik Hamburg), a family-owned company providing technical and energy systems for buildings in the metropolitan area of Hamburg.


The new MTH Logo

MTH Logo

MTH’s Guiding Principles

  • We are a well-integrated team.
  • We have high standards of quality.
  • We strive for a long-term cooperation with our clients
  • We are a reliable and predictable partner for customers and suppliers.

Our Services

One of the foci of our work is in projects concerning the modernisation and refurbishment of cruise liners and private yachts. In the confines of these projects, whilst the vessel is in dry dock, or elsewhere, we perform all the appropriate services and jobs that have to do with the air-conditioning and ventilation technology on board. This applies to accommodation areas as well as machinery rooms. We execute these turnkey contracts reliably and punctually so that on day one after the completion of our work passengers again feel comfortable on board.

  • Retrofit & revitalization projects
  • In-service revitalization and conversion projects
  • Inspection, consulting, service & repair
  • Replacement of cooling & heating coils
  • Replacement or upgrade of enthalpy wheels
  • Service & maintenance
  • R22 replacement
  • Upgrades & conversions of existing installations
Upgrade and/or conversion of:

  • Hot & chilled water systems
  • Steam piping
  • CO2 piping
  • Hi-Fog network
  • HVAC know-how & proved and tested applications
  • Process indication diagrams
  • Upgrade of existing ship’s automation
  • Energy saving applications
  • Integration of decentral stand-alone controllers
  • Demand-controlled air conditioning
  • Smart HVAC control strategies
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Return of investment analysis

Our Key Proficiencies

MTH’s key proficiencies are design, engineering and project management. During the dry-dock time on site MTH’s scope of supply also includes site management, installation and commissioning of the complete HVAC system. The turn-key job may comprise ducting work, heavy steel, piping, electric installation and automation. Within this scope energy saving and environmental conservation are our top priorities. Of course, all of our HVAC upgrades are compliant with the applicable SOLAS regulations and the current energy and hygiene requirements of the relevant classification societies.

  • Ship survey, inventory reports
  • Preliminary assessment
  • Compilation of all relevant approval documents for the review by the Classification Society
  • Ascertainment of HVAC space requirements for ducting & AC-rooms
  • Calculation of power demand for heating, cooling and electrical requirements
  • Writing of technical specification
  • Definition, coordination and fine tuning of interfaces between technical & interior suppliers
  • Detail engineering incorporating the selected components in 3-D models
  • Layout for all technical systems
  • Coordination of all component parts with regard to outfitting the ship’s structure and interior
  • AC system design according to latest safety regulations, as well as classification efficiency and hygiene requirements
  • Process indication diagrams (PID) and function description for the ship’s automation plant
  • Selection and sizing of main equipment as AC-units, fan coil units, fire dampers, cabin units, etc.
  • Worldwide Installations
  • Logistics
  • Coordination with other involved contractors and suppliers of internal technical systems
  • Time management, follow-up, supervision of delivery and installation progress
  • Quality Management
  • Commissioning of the plant and adjustment of air volumes and water flows
  • Test and hand-over of fire protection and safety systems
  • Putting into service of ship automation; checking parameters & fine adjustment
  • Project management
  • Detail design, engineering and coordination
  • Selection and dimensioning of components
  • Material procurement and delivery including logistics
  • Supervision on site
  • Installation by competent and responsible personnel
  • Commissioning & HVAC plant start-up
  • Crew training
  • As-built drawings, technical data sheets and instruction manuals


MTH is not an equipment manufacturer. We attach great importance to our neutrality and independency regarding product suppliers, which allows us to select the most appropriate and reasonable components according to the technical requirements of the respective project. In this way we are able to select component parts that incorporate the latest technology from different manufacturers and combine them optimally with each other. An adaption to the equipment already on board is, especially in the area of automation, similarly easily possible.



Although MTH is still a young enterprise it can already count orders of significant size from well-known cruise companies.



Cruise company: RCCL
Dry-dock: 09/2015
Balboa, Panama

Complete HVAC System Upgrade


Pacific Aria

Cruise company: FCR Finnland
Dry-dock: 10/2015

HVAC System changes for a new restaurant


Norwegian Epic

Cruise company: NCL
Dry-dock: 10/2015
Brest, France

Enhancements to existing HVAC System



Cruise company: Carnival UK
Dry-dock: 11-12/2016
Blohm + Voss, Hamburg

HVAC upgrade + Refrigeration

Adventure of the Seas

Cruise company: RCCL
Dry-dock: 10-11/2016
Freeport, Bahamas

Turnkey project HVAC



Cruise company: Titan
Dry-dock: 12/2015-03/2016

HVAC upgrade

White Rose of Drachs

White Rose of Drachs

Cruise company: White Rose of Drachs
Dry-dock: 03-06/2016
Marseille, France

HVAC and chiller upgrade

Norwegian Dawn

Cruise company: NCL
Dry-dock: 05-06/2016
Freeport, Bahamas

Turnkey package HVAC conversion


Voyager of the Seas

Cruise company: RCCL
Dry-dock: 10/2019
Tuas Yards, Singapore

Turn Key HVAC Project: 80+ additional Cabins and Retrofit of 2 complete deck areas


Quantum of the Seas

Cruise company: RCCL
Dry-dock: 11/2019
Tuas Yards, Singapore

Turn Key Contractor: modification of all mechanical systems incl Hi-Fog, Main Fire, HVAC, etc.


Aida Mira

Cruise company: AIDA Cruises
Dry-dock: 11/2019
San Giorgio del Porto, Genova

Retrofit, Repair & Replacement of AC-Units


Norwegian Getaway

Cruise company: NCL
Dry-dock: 05/2019
Damen Shiprepair, Brest

Full replacement of all Seamist Filters with higher efficiency; HVAC upgrades to multiple Public & Galley Spaces


MTH Marine Technik Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG
Tycho-Brahe-Kehre 13, 22844 Norderstedt

Phone: +49 40 50016420

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